Reducing your carbon footprint after long travel can be expensive. Instead, I’ll introduce you to several low-cost and no-cost ways you can offset your emissions. Let’s get to it!

Take a Hike!

The Pacific Institute found that if someone walked 1.5 miles and ate a more plant-based diet, that they generated less than a quarter of the greenhouse gasses as compared to driving the same distance.

And speaking of eating plants…


If you’re not already a vegan or vegetarian (or even a flex-a-tarian!) consider eating a meatless meal. According to, if a family skipped meat and cheese just one day a week, it would be the equivalent of not driving for FIVE weeks. Vegetables. It’s what’s for dinner!

Get Trashy

Go for a walk around your neighborhood and pick-up trash! All you need is a trash bag (or reuse one you already have) and gloves. Make it fun and have a motivating destination in mind like a local park or friend’s house.


This tip not just “free” it will actually save you money. Refuse items you do not need. Write down your shopping list and stick to it! I used to find those Target memes funny–you know the ones–“I came in for toilet paper and left with a new shirt, shoes, toy for my kid, candles, plates, etc.” Now knowing the precious resources that go into making our material goods, it’s hard to indulge on items that don’t I really do not need.

If you do prefer to offset your emissions by donating to a charity, Carbon Footprint makes it extremely easy, or you can adopt any of the other aforementioned ideas!