Eco-friendly halloween candy. Bowl of candy corn.
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Halloween is almost here! The chill is in the air! Everyone is getting their fill of pumpkin spice everything! And Halloween candy is bursting off the shelves! However, finding eco-friendly Halloween candy can be hard. Luckily you have me! Let’s dive into my recommendations for eco-friendly Halloween candy and candy alternatives!

You want to celebrate the holiday, but you also don’t want to go broke (and slightly crazy) looking for that allergy-free, vegan, plastic-free, eco-friendly, saving-the-rainforest, candy. I’ll detail candy options, as well as, some eco-friendly alternatives to candy.

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Eco-Friendly Candy

Candy Alternatives

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Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy

Unfortunately, if you want to pass out candy, you will have to compromise on something. If you want it to be vegan, you will have to be OK with plastic packaging. If you want plastic-free, you will have to increase your budget. Palm oil free? Avoid chocolate. Finding eco-friendly Halloween candy can be hard, but here are some options to help you out!

Vegan-Friendly Halloween Candy

PETA has a great list that includes easy-to-find, affordable options. Here are some that are going to be the most crowd-pleasing and budget friendly.

  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Swedish Fish
  • Air Heads
  • Blow Pops and Tootsie Pops
  • Dots
  • Enjoy Life! is also becoming more mainstream and they offer several Halloween bags of chocolate

If vegan is your thing, stick to fruity treats!

Palm-Oil Free Halloween Candy

Palm-oil is found in nearly everything! From make-up to brownie mix! It’s also devastating the rain forest. Alter Eco is the holy grail of Halloween candy. It’s palm-oil free, comes in compostable wrappers, but a bulk box of 60 truffles will cost you $45. Let’s take a look at more affordable options.

  • Hershey’s milk chocolate and Hershey’s with almonds
  • M&M’s milk chocolate
  • Pretzels
  • York Peppermint Patties
  • Nerds
  • Junior Mints

When shopping, be sure to avoid any candy with the following ingredients listed: palm oil, palm kernel oil, hydrogenated palm kernel oil. These are all different labels for “palm oil.”

Eco-friendly halloween candy alternatives
Image by Stephanie Harvey

Halloween Candy Alternatives

Avoiding candy definitely helps you side-step some confusion and label reading. Personally, I offer both a palm-oil free candy option and package-free clementines. It’s always fun (and surprising) when a kid’s eyes light up at the clementines. I hope the list below sparks some joy with your trick-or-treaters!

  • Pencils (though many of the “Halloween” themed pencils are coated in plastic)
  • Oranges or apples (though I think the skin of the orange will holds up better throughout the night)
  • Nickels or dimes
  • Halloween themed erasers
  • Bouncy balls
  • Mini notebooks

Choose Your Own Adventure

I think finding the perfect, eco-friendly Halloween treat option is a near impossibility! My advice is to find one area you are not willing to compromise on. For example, it has to be palm-oil free. By doing this you’re reducing your stress, you’re still eco-friendly, and you will end up with an option you look forward to handing out. Happy Halloween!