Can’t make it to the Climate Strike, but want to raise your voice and get involved? I have created a form letter and call script for you to send to your state representatives, alderperson, mayor, governor, and anyone else!


Capitol Hill at night
Photo by Michael on Unsplash

Letter and Call Script: Senator and Representative

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to facilitate change and get the attention of your representatives is to call?

You can find your senators’ number here and your representatives’ number here. You can also find a local office or number for your senator or representative by visiting their website. Sometimes it’s more effective to call the local office rather than their office in Washington.

The following can be used as both a call script or form letter when contacting your state senator or representative:

Hello, my name is ________ and I am a constituent of [senator/representative’s name]. I am calling today, because, as you may know, today is the global Climate Strike in which people around the world are gathering to urge lawmakers to take definitive steps to reduce the impacts of climate change before it’s too late.

Specifically, I am asking [senator/representatives’ name] to support the Green New Deal, as well as, [say something specific to your state/city] address the vacant properties in North St. Louis that contribute to illegal dumping, increased exposure to harmful substances such as lead and asbestos, and increased health risks for children. I also urge [senator/representatives’ name] to work towards a cleaner grid in Missouri. Currently more than 75% of our mixed energy comes from coal followed by nuclear. Ameren has recently demonstrated the demand for clean energy as two of their community solar projects have sold out. There is a demand for sustainable solutions, and I hope the state of Missouri will continue to expand these offerings.

I look forward to learning how [senator/representatives’ name] will address these issues. Thank you for your time.

Not in Missouri? If you want to learn more about how your state sources it’s energy, I highly recommend Arcadia Power’s blog, or search “Arcadia Power Missouri/Illinois/New York/your state.”

Another great source of information is a local university or college as they will likely have the most recent research regarding sustainability in your state.

Letter and Call Script: Local Government Officials

Don’t forget about your local government representatives! These people include your local alderman or woman, governor, and mayor. Here you can get really specific about day-to-day issues that you want to see addressed.

Here is a sample specific to Missouri:

Hello, I am __________ and I live in [state ward or neighborhood]. As you may know, today is the global Climate Strike, in which people around the world are gathering to urge lawmakers and local representatives to take definitive steps to reduce the impacts of climate change before it’s too late.

Within our [ward/neighborhood] I would like to see incentives for local businesses who actively implement sustainable measures such as offering composting within a restaurant, sourcing energy from renewables, and offering alternatives to single-use items (e.g., plastic forks, bags, and straws).

Additionally, as development continues around our city and region, bike-ability and walk-ability should always be key considerations. According to scientists and researchers, by building bike infrastructure rather than roads, municipal governments, and taxpayers can realize $400 billion in savings over thirty years and $2.1 trillion in lifetime savings.

I look forward to learning how we can implement these changes locally and hearing more about your ideas for making St. Louis more sustainable.

Of course, make both of the aforementioned letters/call scripts specific to you and your region. I have called my reps many times, and I have always had a pleasant experience. If someone gives you pushback, re-state your position and ask that the aide record what you say.

Remember, they work for you! You have every right to call and give them feedback!