Factory Farms Environmental Impact

Photo by Desiree Fawn

We are more aware of factory farms environmental impact than ever before. As Bill Gates stated, if cattle were it’s own country, they would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. So what impacts do factory farms have on our environment, our health, and where are they being built in your state?

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Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy

Eco-friendly halloween candy. Bowl of candy corn.
Image by Dane Deaner

Halloween is almost here! The chill is in the air! Everyone is getting their fill of pumpkin spice everything! And Halloween candy is bursting off the shelves! However, finding eco-friendly Halloween candy can be hard. Luckily you have me! Let’s dive into my recommendations for eco-friendly Halloween candy and candy alternatives!

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Urban Biking: Who’s Included and Excluded

Biking! A favorite weekend activity of mine and now the way I commute to work. I didn’t always commute to work though. It took me years to work up the courage, and after doing some research, I found out why. Urban bike infrastructure is created with men in mind–specifically white men. Let’s look at the ways  urban biking has left women and people of color behind; and what cities are doing to be bike inclusive.

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Climate Strike: Form Letter and Call-In Script


Can’t make it to the Climate Strike, but want to raise your voice and get involved? I have created a form letter and call script for you to send to your state representatives, alderperson, mayor, governor, and anyone else!


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Who Controls Your Make-Up Bag?

One thing I like about zero waste and sustainable living is that there are many ways to be green. You don’t have to prescribe to a lifestyle of deprivation (though many of us would do well to remember the first tenant of zero waste: refuse). Personally, I enjoy make-up and skincare, and I have greatly reduced my consumption and found my holy grail products. That got me wondering though, who controls many mainstream, “green” beauty brands? And if we investigate further, are they truly green or merely greenwashing?

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